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Search Engine Optimization Myths Dispelled


As far as search engine optimization goes, there are many myths that people believe when it comes to ranking websites in the search engines.

However, I don’t want you to fall victim to any of them…

I’m going to take time dispelling some myths right now so that they don’t hurt you now or later on.

When you read through some forums out there, they unbelievably say things about SEO that just aren’t true.

If you abide by this bad information and take it as gospel, you’ll only be hurting your business in the long run.

With that said, let’s have a look at some of these different search engine optimization myths right now…

SEO Myth #1: High Quality Content Equals Rankings

As a content creator myself, I’d really like to say that high quality content will assuredly get you high search engine rankings.

In theory it seems to make a lot of sense. But in reality, it’s far from the truth.

There are many websites out there loaded with great content that just aren’t ranking anywhere near the top of the search engines.

As a professional business owner, you probably have websites with great content that are nowhere near the top three spots on Google.

While quality content is certainly important for things such as providing value and customer acquisition, it really doesn’t influence SEO in any way.

If you believe that you can post some quality articles on your website and then quickly appear in Google, Yahoo and Bing at number one, then my news to you is that you’re only kidding yourself.

So, I want you to remember this…

SEO Myth #2: Backlinks Aren’t Necessary to Rank High in the Search Engines

I don’t know why some people insist that backlinks are meaningless when it comes to search engine rankings.

This is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard concerning SEO.

Here’s the real truth you should know…

If you don’t have backlinks pointing to your website, it’ll be quite difficult in many cases for you to rank highly on Google.

There are some keywords that aren’t too competitive and you’d be able to set up a page with proper on-page SEO and still rank. However, this isn’t true for highly competitive terms and that’s why backlinks are very important in this case.

They’re the main difference between ranking highly in the search engines and not ranking at all.

If you wish to rank highly for a keyword like “lose weight”, expect to require thousands of backlinks pointing to your website. Hopefully you’ll also have lots of high page rank links mixed in to compete with everybody else already ranking for that keyword.

It’s highly competitive and good quality backlinks are the only way to go if you’re going to compete in this market.

So, let’s move on…

SEO Myth #3: Exact Match Domain Names Are Totally Useless in the Eyes of Google

When Google recently released one of their Panda updates, they tried to convince everyone that exact match domains held no value at all.

In fact, they removed many of the “low-value exact match domain websites” from their search results.

Now, think about this for a minute…

Just because you’re using an exact match domain, does it guarantee that you’re going to have a low-value website? Of course not!

If you create a website and consistently add quality content, get good backlinks pointing to it and do everything correctly, then your EMD is going to be more valuable and it will rank considerably higher than a non-EMD website.

I know SEO experts that have proved this again and again, and I’ve proved it to myself as well.

If you think EMD’s are no longer valuable, that’s your own belief. But in truth, exact match domains possess a great deal of value and can make your SEO tasks much easier if you use them.

Final Thoughts on Search Engine Optimization Myths

I presented to you a few major SEO myths that are believed to be true by most people. There may be some others that I didn’t delve into here, but these are the ones that seem to be most prevalent today.

If you happen to believe in these myths, it may be time to start thinking otherwise. Knowing this valuable information and implementing the strategies I mentioned above will put you at a greater advantage and make your SEO tasks far easier than you can imagine.