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Best SEO Tips


I wish to spend a little time here providing you with some of the best SEO tips that I’ve come to know over the years.

If you’re new to the whole search engine optimization game, then you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the information out there at the moment.

But, don’t be because in this article, I’m going to show you all of the best SEO tools and tactics so that you truly have an easy to look at resource right at your fingertips whenever you need it.

I would have loved to get my hands on something like this when I first started online, but either it didn’t exist at the time or else I couldn’t find the right information I needed.

Now, let’s have a look at some great SEO tips that I wanted to share with you…

Backlinks Are King When it Comes to SEO

I know lots of people hold the belief that content is king. However, when it comes to SEO that’s not exactly true.

While you certainly need good quality content in order to convert visitors into buying customers and start making money…

It’s not really going to help your website rank highly in the major search engines.

All truths be told, there’s only one thing critically important to get your website ranking highly, and that’s through good quality backlinking.

There are some other factors that come into play, but for the sake of true search engine optimization help, backlinks are king and no website should be without them.

Magnifying GlassWhere Do I Get Good Quality Backlinks?

There are many different places where you can go to get good quality backlinks. There are also some tools that I’d recommend you to consistently use in order to build steady backlinks going to your website.

Let’s now start off with some tools…

The first one on the list is a subscription tool called Unique Article Wizard (or UAW for short) and is used for article marketing as well as backlinking.

It’s a wonderful tool if you’re going after low to medium competition keyword phrases in the search engines.

There could be some instances where you can set up UAW campaigns, allow them to run and not before long, your website will start to ranking highly for your chosen keyword terms. And this is without doing any other backlinking!

This is precisely what you’re looking for when assembling a great backlinking strategy.

Unique Article Wizard is the best tool that I can recommend to you when starting off. Now, let me tell you about another one that’s also very good.

Again, it’s another subscription tool and it’s called Submit Your Articles (or SYA for short).

Submit Your Articles works very similar to Unique Article Wizard although there are a few differences. But depending on your budget and needs, either tool will certainly help your website increase its rankings in the search engines.

Both are very effective tools to get consistent backlinks pointing to your website through article marketing backlink campaigns.

Are There Any Other Quality Backlinks That I Can Get?


There are several other easy ways to get good quality backlinks to your website…

1) Creating social bookmarks is one of the best ways to get good backlinks to your website so that you can build some powerful link juice, making each and every link more valuable.

Web 2.02) Creating Web 2.0 pages (such as HubPages and Squidoo) and linking them to your website is another great way to get high page rank links which can really boost your rankings.

3) Deep linking is another effective way to acquire more of that much-desired link juice that we’re all looking for. This is when you’re linking to your inner pages instead of the home page. It seems much more natural to the search engines as people tend to link more often to web pages than to websites.

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4) Guest posting is a great way to get backlinks to your website. If you’re able to score a guest post on a very popular website or blog, you could end up with a high page rank link because your post will appear on the home page, even if just for a short while.

It may not stay forever, but if you have that home page link indexed, it’ll look like you have a high page rank link as far as the search engines are concerned.

Is On-Page SEO Really a Factor?

Before we conclude, let’s have a brief look at on-page SEO. While this certainly plays a role in search engine optimization, it’s not quite as important as backlinks although it’s starting to have more relevance than it did in the previous years.

One important thing you’ll need to remember is to not to over-use your keywords. You don’t want to “keyword stuff” your pages, or else Google and the other search engines might think you’re trying to manipulate the search results. Consequently, they can penalize your website for doing so and you’ll suffer lower rankings.

Please keep all of this in mind while you’re optimizing your website. If you simply follow the advice I’ve given you in this article, you’ll be fine and ranking highly in the search engines without a worry.

Well, that’s it for SEO tips…

Implement the strategies outlined here and they’ll definitely help improve your website visibility when it comes to the search engines.